Missionary Patricia Bumbrey

Evangelist Patricia Bumbrey is First Lady of Refuge Temple Cathedral of His Glory Church of God in Christ, where her husband, Superintendent Waverly B. Bumbrey, is founder and pastor.  Evangelist Bumbrey is the mother of three sons; Harvey, Waverly II and Joshua. She serves as President of the “Holy Women of God” women’s department of Refuge Temple. A licensed Evangelist in the Church of God In Christ, Inc.; Missionary Bumbrey works faithfully beside her husband in ministry.

Evangelist Bumbrey earned an Associate degree is Church Administration from Logos Graduate Seminary and pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration at William Tyndale Christian College. Evangelist Bumbrey was employed with Patton Home Company as a Business Administrator and later worked as Program Director for the “Make Life Make Cents” youth enrichment program for Emmanuel Community Service. Evangelist Bumbrey has a continued love for people, and even more for children. This love has brought her to the field of childcare. Her love for God’s little children is displayed through her ownership of the “The Nurturing Place” daycare services. As proprietor, she cares for children in a safe, loving, enriching and gracious environment.

Evangelist Bumbrey has a love for God’s people and a sincere desire to see God’s people move into the place God has destined for their lives.